The Smart System 2000

PPS System 2000

PPS System 2000
a new way of storage handling and warehouse logistics.



The System 2000 consists of bins and storage trays with several features for better and easier handling like self opening lids, wheels for easier pull out, dividers and fronts designed for easier picking of small items and lids for dust protection. The bins are either nestable or stackable – or both! The product range fits into most existing shelves and cabinets.

Ergonomic Dividers

• Design makes picking efficient and ergonomic.
• Available vertical or angled.
• Angled and vertical dividers can be used
in the same tray.
• Transparent.
• Made in flexible material to ensure firm fixation
when handling tray.
• Flexible lip in bottom of divider guarantees a perfect fit.

Selfopening lids

• Many bins and trays are available with lid for dust protection and more hygienic storage.
• Self-open when pulled out from shelf.
• Front cover on certain modets for easy access to content.

Integrated wheels

• Smooth and ergonomical handling.
• Easy to handle on shelf.
• No load on wheels when not handled.

Nestable or Stackable

• All trays and bins are nestable (except 3071-3075).
• Many can both stack and nest ( see overview page 11 ) .
• Nesting saves up to 70% in storage and transport.

Combine bins and trays with different widths

System 2000 storage trays 20 and 21 are adapted to standard 1000 mm shelves and racks. The image shows what combinations are possible.



Standard colours are:

• Blue, Red, Yellow.
• Transparent grey/white (most models).
• Other colours available on request.

Hanging function

Bins and trays have a hanging and secure function at the back so they may be hanged or fastened stable and secure in racks, work tables, service vehicles etc.