The Smart System 2000

PPS System 2000

PPS System 2000
a new way of storage handling and warehouse logistics.



Le Système 2000 est une composition de bacs à bec et de bacs de stockage avec des solutions innovantes pour une meilleure manutention telle que: différents couvercles de protection amovibles, des roulettes pour faciliter le déplacement, des séparateurs, des couvercles anti-poussière. Ces bacs sont soit emboitables à vide soit gerbables ou les deux! Cette gamme s’adapte à la majorité des armoires et étagères existantes.

Séparateurs ergonomiques

Several of the bins and trays may be used with dividers to sort the content. The design of the divi-ders makes picking of parts efficient and ergonomic. Dividers are available straight or angled. Both straight and angled dividers may be used in the same bin or tray. A flexible lip on the bottom part of the dividers gives perfect fit to the bin or tray. All dividers are made in transparent material.

Couvercle à ouverture automatique

A number of bins and trays are available with lids for dust protection and more hygienic storage. They self open when the bin or tray is pulled out from the shelf and give easy access to the content. All lids cover the bins and trays front opening. For some of the nestable bins Top Lids can be used to make the bins stack on each other – and be used together with Front Cover to close front and still have easy access to the content.

Roulettes intégrées

Integrated wheels will make handling in cabinets and shelves smooth and more ergonomic.

It is easier to pull the bin or tray out from the shelf with wheels. When the bin or tray stands on the shelf the wheels are without any load.

Emboitable ou gerbable

The bins are either nestable or stackable – or both! Nesting makes transportation and storage much more economic and easy. 70% of the space can be saved in stock and during transport!

Composition de plusieurs bacs avec différentes largeurs

The System 2000 is adapted to existing standard shelves and racks with 1.000 mm width. You can mix and fit the bins and trays in the same model serie on the shelf as follows.


The bins and trays are available in the colours blue, red, yellow and transparent grey/white. See availability in specificantion for requested model. The transparent material in the Combi Bins is not as grey as in the other models – it is tranparent white.

Fonction d’accroche

Tous les bacs possédent un rebord d’accroche dans la partie arrière pour faciliter l’accrochage, la stabilité et la sécurité suivant les utilisations: rack, table de travail, dans un véhicule etc.